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Sissy Bitch CONTEST!

Hey you dumbass sissy–I know your little secret, you tiny little girlyboy; I know how you love the feel of silky soft women’s panties, your feet in heels, and being a little femmy bitch, especially when I force you into it. So sissies, I invite you to take Me on a very special shopping trip. To enter, send Me an Amazon Giftcard to so that I may buy TONS of new makeup, and I will be making a CUSTOM MAKEUP TUTORIAL VIDEO of Me applying makeup to MY BEAUTIFUL FACE for the sissybitch who wins!! The winner is whoever sends the highest tribute amount before Friday, Sept 2nd, and will get the customized, personal video for free, in addition to an accompanying picture set. I will not only mesmerize you with My beauty in the video, but I will also teach you valuable and useful makeup skills to use on yourself. The video will be available for sale on My kinkbomb account for those who don’t win, but will be very expensive; however, those that send at least $100 tribute will receive a special discount code for 75% off! GET TO WORK GIRLIEPIGS!!


Hot New Pics of Me

Hey losers!! Today I was bored and stuck inside because of the weather, so I decided to do My makeup– I was feeling inspired after I purchased some more last night on Amazon with a g/c from a stupid dork who went to bed with blue balls cause he was almost caught by wifey. LOL!! Anyway, luckily for you, I decided to take some pictures and make them available for purchase to all you creeps!! What, did you think they were for free? LOL! Yeah right! These pictures are sexy, cute, and teasing, and will definitely get you all perked up and ready to surrender your wallet. If you’d like to purchase My pics, you may do so here:

I have also uploaded a sample (plus a couple new free pics for you broke ass losers) to My photo gallery, just so you retards can get a little taste. Trust Me, they’re irresistible!

Also, to all you dumbass cuck losers: make sure you keep in mind My special cucky task for My boyfriend’s birthday! His birthday is in just under three weeks, and I want it to be the night of his life, so keep checking back for items marked as such. I’m also really craving a new pair of shoes…whichever footbitch first gets Me the adorable Irregular Choice Women’s Tea and Cake Pump on My wishlist will get a special set of pics when they arrive. Have at it, piggies!!

Cucky Task: My Boyfriend’s Special Night!

Hey you cucky bitches! Yes, you! I know your tiny, pathetic little dicks get hard just thinking about pleasing Me and My boyfriend together: paying for Our dinner dates, bedroom fun, and anything else We desire, because He is a real man and you are a fucking loser! LOL! Well, I have a very special opportunity for you losers. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in less than a month, and I want him and I to have the best night of our lives! So how can YOU contribute to this fabulous, luxurious night? Here’s how:

1. Visit My Amazon Wishlist and purchase any and EVERY item that has the phrase “BF’S SPECIAL NIGHT” in the description. These will be gifts for My boyfriend, ranging from gift cards to a hotel room (for after dinner ;)), cute clothing for Me to wear, lingerie, and presents for Him.

2. Send Me a gift card from Victoria’s Secret to for an adorable bra & panty set.

3. Send Me a Moneypak to for a delicious three course meal at a very high class restaurant in Boston, so He can eat his heart out!

On His special night, we will have a very special ignore line up, and record some exclusive clips and pics for those cucks that contribute to My boyfriend’s birthday. Get to work, NOW, piggies!!

Become My Personal Human ATM

“$50 cash, now, loser. Fork it over!!” I know it’s your dream to hear those words coming from My mouth, on the phone or perhaps on webcam, as I take your cash and immediately spend it on all of My wants and desires: clothes, beauty products, jewelry, shoes, home items, whatever I want, really. I know you want to give it all to Me, to worship Me through obeying My every command. “Another $75, dork! Hurry up!!” Just hearing those words excite you, and your puny little dick grows even harder when you hand your hard-earned income over to Me. you cannot resist, you simply MUST obey. Compelled completely by My commands, It’s almost like you’re a machine.

Become My Personal Human ATM, and you will never, ever look back.

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Quick Service for Broke Ass Losers & Timid Bitches

So, you want to serve Me, but you are broke / too scared to talk to Me? Easy! Buy My new PtV with an exclusive picture, and rate Me 5 stars, plus give Me positive feedback! This allows Me more exposure on Niteflirt, thus allowing more little piggies to flock to Me, so I can abuse them!!!

What are you waiting for? Get RIPPED OFF NOW!

Top 5 Necessary Slave Qualities

So, you want to serve Me? To dedicate your life and money to worshiping and spoiling Me, fueled by your desire to have whatever small little peak you can at My perfect beauty, irresistible charm, and infallible intellect? Well, you’d better be a good little piggy, and make sure you have these very important qualities:

#5: Dedication

To be My slave you must be truly, completely, unwaveringly dedicated to serving Me. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a girlfriend or a wife, but if your relationship with them begins to hinder your ability to serve Me appropriately, there will be consequences. I also do not stand for service to any other Domme while you are in service to Me, and if I find out you are not being loyal to Me, not only will I cut ties with you, but the other Domme will be alerted to your deviation as well, and you will likely have to pay a very large tax in order to be taken seriously EVER again. Aside from that, dedication means thinking of Me and worshiping My beauty in every little action that you take throughout your daily life. Dedication is that extra few dollars you save, or the extra few hours you work; it’s the gifts you don’t buy your wife, and making sure you keep My desires in mind with everything you do.

#4: Obedience

I simply do not stand for slaves that do not properly obey My rules. I am a very intelligent and clever Mistress, and a good pig must always trust in My rules, because despite their possible skepticism, I ALWAYS know what is best for My pigs. Sometimes piggies disobey,  and find themselves lost, lonely, and confused…they may have thought they knew themselves, but they had forgotten that their happiness lies with My happiness, and if you dissatisfy Me, you dissatisfy, disappoint, and alienate yourself. Pigs who disobey may be forgiven for a price, but I am a Mistress who holds a grudge, and who has very little patience. I can be especially cruel to pigs that do not obey. It is much better to obey My rules and My orders, for it will bring you not only contentment to see your Perfect Mistress happy, but a sense of fulfillment and enlightenment in your entire life.

#3: Hard Work

Obviously My losers are expected to work as hard as possible at their current career to rake in more money for Me, but hard work must manifest itself in other forms, as well: working hard at your current job is a minimum expectation. True, hard-working piggies will take on a second job, extra hours, sell things they don’t need, and go completely out of their way just for Me and My happiness. In addition, hard workers are always looking for other tasks I may need done, whether it be paperwork I need handling, voting for Me on top sites, organizing ads for Me, or many other tasks–a good slave’s work is never done, and he is always eager to do more for Me.

#2: Reliability

If you say you are going to do something, to do. If you are expected to make a certain tribute by a certain date, make sure it is on time. Slaves that are not reliable will simply be forgotten–My attention will go to much more deserving slaves. Why? Because being unreliable is a form of disobedience, and it does not impress Me at all when My pigs do not properly obey Me. If you want to be My slave, loser, you must be CONSISTENT, or else I have no place for you other than sucking you dry when convenient for Me, and then dropping you.

#1: Big Wallet!!.

Shouldn’t this be obvious? There are so many stupid, broke bitches that try to beg Me to be their slave—why the hell would I ever want them? I must make it clear that I have no interest in having slaves that CANNOT SERVE ME IN ANY WAY. you are NOT A SLAVE nor are you slave material if you have nothing to offer your Mistress, ESPECIALLY if you do not have what your Mistress is looking for. Worship Me from afar, and work hard until you can give Me what I want: CASH. Otherwise, do not bother talking to Me if you are broke, because the conversation will be over as soon as it has started.

Foot Fun at the Beach

Two NEW clips available for you losers of My adorable feet are available on Kinkbomb!! I had a great day at the beach, soaking up the sun, digging My toes in the sand, and feeling the refreshing water against My skin…and My cute feet looked fantastic as always, so I had to take a video–two to be exact! Worship My feet. Buy them NOW losers! I bet you’d love to watch My feet digging into the sand, and the pure ocean water splashing against them, leaving them squeaky clean. 🙂 And don’t forget to buy Me a little treat for My feet from My wishlist–a new pair of shoes, or maybe My favorite Volcano foot mask from Lush? Haha I can’t wait to see what you foot bitches come up with!


What I LOVE About Blackmail

blackmailvid Want to hear Me talk about how much I love blackmail?? I can’t wait to take you for all your pathetic ass is worth just so your precious social life isn’t absolutely demolished. Buy My video now, boys (and don’t forget to rate it five stars)!! I know you’re shaking just thinking about hearing Me talk about all your sick desires…and getting a chance to look at My beautiful Self, too! What are you waiting for, piggy? If you’re interested in blackmail with Me, then go ahead and fill out My blackmail application. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to send a tribute!

Complete Control: Forced Chastity

Think about your penis. your tiny, floppy, gross little clitdick. It’s such a distraction, don’t you think? Especially when it perks up and begs you for release. Arousal, in piggies that are not chaste or supremely self-disciplined (and there are many of you who aren’t), can be an incredible disservice to proper Goddess worship. It can make you losers do things you’ll end up regretting, all in the name of getting off; but when utilized properly, your arousal can be channeled into a powerful, productive drive to do My every bidding.

Forced chastity gives Me complete control over that pathetic thing you call a dick, and you the opportunity to play the ultimate game of tease and denial. I adore forced chastity as a lifestyle imposition on My slaves, as I have always loved teasing, and know that My irresistible looks paired with My cooing, sultry voice, and My supreme form of dominance inevitably will make blood rush into your groin—every single time. Knowing this makes it all the more fun for Me to deny your release, and I love pushing the limits and seeing how far My pigs can go. I especially love teasing My locked-up sluts on webcam, with photos, or other methods of tantalization, until they are about to burst, and then laughing at them as they pathetically squirm and writhe, unable to find release. Imagine dealing with that sexual thrill you get from just looking at Me when you are all locked up with no way out…it’s much more fun than you’d think! You will be forced to compensate in other ways, as you should be. You could never sexually please Me anyway, and I don’t want to hear about you pathetically cradling your dick with your hands. Chastity enlightens you fully to the notion that the ONLY way to sufficiently please Me is through giving Me your money, pampering Me with gifts, and surrendering to My financial domination. This is why slaves who try forced chastity with Me develop a deep, irresistible desire to serve Me for life, and why forced chastity is great way to prove devotion to Me for new slaves.

What are you waiting for, pig? I know you are tingling with excitement just thinking about handing over control of your gross little cock to Me.

It’s a life-changing experience.

Forced Intox with Ms. Saffron: The Hottest Drinking Game Ever!

If you are interested in a forced intoxication session, please either contact Me through my Yahoo ID or you may call me on Niteflirt by clicking the button below. Have your drinks ready, boy!

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