Teamviewer & Computer Control with Ms. Saffron

Nowadays, everyone has a computer–and they aren’t just for surfing anymore. Facebook, email, online shopping, even pornography–just a few things you piggies use YOUR computer for. Just imagine, one day, all of a sudden, your computer is taken over, COMPLETELY, by Me. Everything you type becomes mine, your browser history, your passwords, EVERYTHING, and My watchful eye and conniving mind able to manipulate you with all of the information I get. Perhaps I’ll log in to your amazon account and buy Myself a few gifts, or log into your email and shoot your wife a message. What if I delete your precious stash of wank material, or I post a HUMILIATING picture on your Facebook?? HAHAHA! With Teamviewer, there is no way to stop Me–unless you pay a HUGE fee, of course! Surrender to the thrill of a Teamviewer session with Me, Ms. Saffron, NOW. First tribute, then contact Me.

Posted on September 24, 2011, in blackmail, domme, financial domination, goddess worship, human ATM, humiliation, wallet rape and tagged , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Wow, that’s truly scary. Almost every aspect of today’s life is visible on the computer. May it be private life, hidden erotic fantasies or even work. i guess it’s for the more curageous slaves. But i don’t think anyone can wish for more wonderful hands to be in than Yours, Ms Saffron.

  2. Well, every second of our life is just to serving Ms Saffron, so we also have to give Her Majesty such private for us things as our online-life. Let’s think that this way – it’s a priviledge, that Her Highness want any information from losers as we are.

  3. This slave would love to be controlled in this way, i am honoured that Princess would be able to take my info and control me this way. slave4blmail

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