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Just ONE WEEK til My boyfriend’s birthday!

Hey cuck bitches–it’s just ONE WEEK until My boyfriend’s birthday, and there are still a few things that I want for this evening to make it extra special! So here’s My latest demands from you losers:

1. The remainder of items marked “BF’S SPECIAL NIGHT” on My wishlist! Some have already been purchased, but there are quite a few left. Amazon giftcards to are also helpful

2. $300 gift card to Hips & Curves (send to for new, high-quality lingerie.

3. Minimum $250 MoneyPak for dinner & festivities on the night of his birthday.

GET GOING CUCKY DUMBASS!! Don’t miss your chance to fork over your hard earned cash for a real man, loser!!

Cucky Task: My Boyfriend’s Special Night!

Hey you cucky bitches! Yes, you! I know your tiny, pathetic little dicks get hard just thinking about pleasing Me and My boyfriend together: paying for Our dinner dates, bedroom fun, and anything else We desire, because He is a real man and you are a fucking loser! LOL! Well, I have a very special opportunity for you losers. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in less than a month, and I want him and I to have the best night of our lives! So how can YOU contribute to this fabulous, luxurious night? Here’s how:

1. Visit My Amazon Wishlist and purchase any and EVERY item that has the phrase “BF’S SPECIAL NIGHT” in the description. These will be gifts for My boyfriend, ranging from gift cards to a hotel room (for after dinner ;)), cute clothing for Me to wear, lingerie, and presents for Him.

2. Send Me a gift card from Victoria’s Secret to for an adorable bra & panty set.

3. Send Me a Moneypak to for a delicious three course meal at a very high class restaurant in Boston, so He can eat his heart out!

On His special night, we will have a very special ignore line up, and record some exclusive clips and pics for those cucks that contribute to My boyfriend’s birthday. Get to work, NOW, piggies!!