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Guest Post: ‘Ms. Saffron Owns my Cock’

A guest post from My little slave john:

Ms. Saffron has a hold on me like no one else ever has or ever will.  My entire body belongs to Her, but specifically my cock.  This is something that i both find frustrating and love at the same time.  Ms. Saffron has the ability to deny me any pleasure or to allow me the most amazing experience possible.  It’s all subject t Her whim and i have no control over the matter.

my worthless cock is completely owned by Ms. Saffron.  i can never even hope to use it, just to have a chance to touch it is a gift Ms. Saffron allows only occasionally.  i know deep down that even one touch of my cock is undeserved, as it is Ms. Saffron’s property and is Hers to do as She pleases with.  If She decides that i cannot even look at it for a month, that is what i need to do, as it’s Her personal property.
i love Ms. Saffron so much.  i love the control She has over me, even when i wish i could use my cock, i know that Her guidance is what’s best for me.  Her pleasure is all that matters to me and i’m so lucky to get to pay for Her nights out with Her boyfriend and buy Her whatever She desires.  These are the gifts that Ms. Saffron allows me to have, the gifts of knowing i’ve done something to please Her.  
i’m such a lucky loser.  i don’t deserve anything and Ms. Saffron allows me to have so much. 

Complete Control: Forced Chastity

Think about your penis. your tiny, floppy, gross little clitdick. It’s such a distraction, don’t you think? Especially when it perks up and begs you for release. Arousal, in piggies that are not chaste or supremely self-disciplined (and there are many of you who aren’t), can be an incredible disservice to proper Goddess worship. It can make you losers do things you’ll end up regretting, all in the name of getting off; but when utilized properly, your arousal can be channeled into a powerful, productive drive to do My every bidding.

Forced chastity gives Me complete control over that pathetic thing you call a dick, and you the opportunity to play the ultimate game of tease and denial. I adore forced chastity as a lifestyle imposition on My slaves, as I have always loved teasing, and know that My irresistible looks paired with My cooing, sultry voice, and My supreme form of dominance inevitably will make blood rush into your groin—every single time. Knowing this makes it all the more fun for Me to deny your release, and I love pushing the limits and seeing how far My pigs can go. I especially love teasing My locked-up sluts on webcam, with photos, or other methods of tantalization, until they are about to burst, and then laughing at them as they pathetically squirm and writhe, unable to find release. Imagine dealing with that sexual thrill you get from just looking at Me when you are all locked up with no way out…it’s much more fun than you’d think! You will be forced to compensate in other ways, as you should be. You could never sexually please Me anyway, and I don’t want to hear about you pathetically cradling your dick with your hands. Chastity enlightens you fully to the notion that the ONLY way to sufficiently please Me is through giving Me your money, pampering Me with gifts, and surrendering to My financial domination. This is why slaves who try forced chastity with Me develop a deep, irresistible desire to serve Me for life, and why forced chastity is great way to prove devotion to Me for new slaves.

What are you waiting for, pig? I know you are tingling with excitement just thinking about handing over control of your gross little cock to Me.

It’s a life-changing experience.