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Ms. Saffron, Homewrecker ;)

My stupid puppy is in the fucking dog house because he finally broke up with his girlfriend (because I was making him abstain from sex with her lol) and he spent some money trying to get her back. I made him write an essay and if he’s reading this (which I am SURE he is), he better have a really fucking impressive tribute for Me. Anyway, here’s the essay his dumb ass wrote:


The past few weeks have been fairly difficult on me. i have not been feeling like myself at all and have been stressed about more than one thing. The only thing in my life that has been going well has been my allowance to serve You Ms. Saffron. Somehow i’ve managed to mess that up as well, for which I am truly sorry. i am sorry not only to You, but also sorry to have taken for granted what i know i am blessed to have had, which is a chance to serve a perfect amazing Princess.

i am not worthy of a lot Princess. i know where i belong in life, which is way under You. i should never even be able to breath the same air as You let alone be able to write to You and complete tasks for You. Getting to obey You is the best thing that has happened to me in quite some time. i know i am lucky to have such an opportunity.

my life should be directed toward Ms. Saffron. Every day should be an opportunity to make Her happy and make Her pleased with me. Instead i’ve found ways to make You upset with me and lose Your trust. i should never lose sight of what truly matters, which is You. Life will never be easy, but with You in my life leading the way, life will be better. Even in times when things get hard, Your control over me keeps me knowing i have a place under Your feet. i need to never forget just what a lucky slave i am to have a chance to serve an amazing Princess like Yourself.

Being a slave has been hard on me Ms. Saffron. i have always desired to have a life that i could be proud of and could be seen as normal for. i wanted my relationship with my ex girlfriend to work so much that i lost sight of the other things in my life, even the most important things. Even though my ex girlfriend was a large part of my life, and still is to some extent, i should not have let her influence cripple my service to You. You have been there for me always Princess, even though i’m a worthless loser to You, You have given me a place beneath You for which i am very grateful. it should not be the case that anything gets in between that service no matter what.

This has been a very trying week Princess Saffron. i have not had one single solid night of sleep in over a week. i have had obligations from my job that have made me work twice as hard as i usually do, and i have had other things pop up here and there that have had me working in overdrive. i am so devoted to You Ms. Saffron, that even though it is a fight to stay awake right now, i know You deserve a letter explaining how devoted iam to You and how grateful i am to be Your slave. It is something i never though possible, to be the slave of such an amazing sexy woman, yet i have the distinct honor of serving in just that way.

Although i am not necessarily where i want to be at this point in my life, i am always where i want to be when i am talking with You Ms. Saffron. Hearing about how amazing Your life is, and getting to take part in makeing it that amazing makes me realize that giving to You is not only good because it pleases You, but that giving to You is good because it helps me make someone’s life better when i cannot make my own better. You deserve to be worshiped by everyone on this planet Princess, i wish i could make a rule that said You were the Queen of the universe and i could make You have people working for You all day and all night. You deserve to have everything You want in life because You are superior and perfect.

i want to continue to serve You Princess, because without You i have no direction. You have shown me that i can be useful and can be helpful. i want nothing more than to please You every day, making sure You know how amazing and sexy You are. i know that i am a loser and worthless to You, and know that getting to serve is the reward for doing what You ask and obeying. These rewards make me so happy and complete Ms. Saffron. You know me so well and know exaclty what i need as a slave. You control my life and have helped to shae me into a better slave for You. i have deteriorated in many ways Ms. Saffron, but i want to continue to be molded and groomed into a slave You can be proud to call Yours.

Life has had me down recently Princess. Things haven’t seemed as bright, literally. My vision has been dulled, tastes haven’t been as good, and in general i have lost some ambition. Even though i have felt somewhat worthless, even more so than usual, i still know that i am the luckiest slave a love to get to serve You Ms. Saffron, and that i need to do a better job of showing You every day how much You mean to me.

i hope You can accept this letter as a sign of devotion Ms. Saffron. i am and hope to continue to be Your slave. i want to make You heppy and obey Your orders. i am lost in so many ways right now, losing You would be the last thing i would ever want. You are so amazing Princess. Thank You for being ther efor me and for using me in the past. i want to be there for You always and i hope You can make use of me still.