My name is Saffron.

I’m a 21 year old Cash Princess, Financial Dominatrix, and Money Manipulatrix with a voluptuous figure, a keen mind, and a control streak. I’m an unpredictable force, to say the least. I may appear to be harmless, pretty, and docile, but I am a dominant, pushy, and compelling woman who demands pleasure via your hard earned income.
I have always had a very dominant personality– I’m typically the life of the party, an outgoing, talkative, and funny person to be around with sharp wit and intellect fueled by a controlled, powerful wrath for those who cross Me. But with My personality comes the ability that most effectively gets Me what I want: the ability to dig into you. I have always been intelligent, and very skillful at debate, with a keen eye for weakness. I will wrap you up with logic and exploit your internal fragility, controlling your mind and your wallet completely. I can see into you, I see your most pathetic and emasculating psychological shortcomings, the disgusting deformities of your personality, and the sensitive spots that when poked or prodded by My biting words will leave you crying and shuddering on your knees, begging for Me to stop. Though it may seem like a tired cliche, it is very apt to describe My glorious Self as a relentless hurricane tearing through your psyche that you simply cannot escape.

I love playing complicated mind games with my slaves, and enjoy all aspects of control including humiliation, forced chastity, sissification, teamviewer control, cuckolding, forced intoxication, and blackmail, but really in the end, it is all about financial domination. I love the thrill and the decadence of being worshiped with your CASH, that you willingly and gratefully hand over to Me, as it is the only fit way to serve and tribute a Mistress as perfect as Myself. So what are My favorite luxuries? At the very top of My list is experience. I cherish experiences the most in life, more than material possessions. Going to get a pedicure, traveling to or vacationing at a new destination, fine dining at a new restaurant and trying a new type of food, going out with My friends and My lovers, seeing concerts and performances and having fun…all with your money! It is certainly an adrenaline rush to be living pure pleasure on your dime!

I also adore adorning My perfect, curvaceous, fleshy figure with clothing and lingerie. My breasts, hips, and curves look phenomenal in whatever I wear, and I am a smart, stylish dresser. Dressing well is a passion of mine, and having an abundance of clothing, lingerie, accessories, and shoes to choose from keeps Me very pleased. In addition to dressing My perfect body, I love pampering Myself with the finest bath products, perfumes, and moisturizers, from head to perfect toe. Put simply, I love spoiling Myself, and doing justice to My own natural gorgeousness.

Finally, it is important to know that I will often tell you what I want and expect from you, and it is your duty to live up to those expectations, lest you be forgotten and ignored. There is only so much room in My stable for the most dedicated pigboys, and I only accept the finest. So prove your worthiness, scumbag. Send Me a tribute, and make sure it’s impressive.

  1. Bill Willinson

    I long for your control

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