you may contact Me through my Yahoo ID at

My clips are available here:

My pic sets and assignments are available here:

Before you contact Me:

1. Send Me a tribute, via a gift card or Clipvia.

I do not accept amazon wish list purchases as an initial tribute, though items from My wishlist, when purchased in conjunction with a proper initial tribute, are impressive to Me and will incline Me to have further discussions with you. If you do not tribute Me before contact, you will be ignored. your first message or email to Me should always sound like this: “hello Ms. Saffron, i have sent a tribute of $___ in gift cards/on Clipvia. thank you for allowing me to serve You in this small way.” I simply will not dignify anything else with a response. you can find more information about tributing Me here.

2.  Know that contacting Me does not make you My slave.

Dedicated and committed servitude is reserved for those that prove themselves worthy of serving Me. I have slave positions open, and will choose slaves suited to My needs when necessary and convenient for Myself. Pigs like yourself that work hard to prove their devotion to My perfect Self will be rewarded with the greatest pleasure of committed servitude to Me. Find out more about My open slave positions here.

3. Be honest, and do not waste My time.

you are only worth My time if you give Me what I ask for and follow My rules. I expect total honesty and sincerity, and refuse to interact with liars, or those who do not respect My authority. Know that if you displease Me and leave Me with a bad first impression of your pathetic self, it is nearly impossible to earn My forgiveness.

you may also call Me on Niteflirt, but PREPARE TO BE DRAINED IMMEDIATELY. 🙂

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  1. Hi.
    I joined your mailing list after seeing visits to your site on my boyfriends computer. While on one hand I kind of hate you, I have to say I’m jealous of the way you wrap so many people round your little finger.

  2. Hello,
    Yes Tanya, your not alone, my bf has been on this site a lot, as well as others. No you should not hate her, but we should look at our men with less respect. Saffron, you are right our men are losers, why dedicate time to this instead of us? After finding this, I thought of dumping him, but first I’m going to have a lot fun with it.
    Jeff if your reading this, while your jerking off to this Im at bars with real men.
    Your 2inch dick is pathetic, and you do not deserve to be with anyone.
    Jeffrey Williams of panama city Florida loves shemale porn, dressing up in my clothes, and dreams of being controlled. Girls stay away from him.
    Jeff when you read this do not say a word to me, just pack your shit and leave. If you do not leave in a week from today I will start posting the pictures of you in my clothes you have on your computer.
    Girls his info:
    Jeffrey Williams
    Panama city Florida
    19 years old
    Went to bay high school

    Amber (single)

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